Article Guidelines !

to make yours stand out.

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Dear AITS Journal writers 👋!

we deeply appreciate your effort in submitting your article to our Journal. We are pressed to maintain a standard for our journal for the sake of your reputation and for the sake of ours.

While we understand that it may be your first time writing or you were short on time, quality of your writing speaks on your reputation. So we are asking you to take this opportunity to edit your article to make sure it follows following criteria:

Guidelines 🎯 :

  1. Please read article on formatting on medium platform.
  2. Make sure you header, subheader, pictures, videos, quotes, links, emoji, mentions and lists to enhance the appeal.
  3. Make sure word-count of your article is at least 200 words.
  4. Tag your story with one or more“Artificial Intelligence”, “Machine Learning”, or “Deep Learning” as appropriate.
  5. Finally submit or resubmit to AITS journal. Watch 1 min video to help yourself .

We seek your cooperation 🙏 :

We sincerely appear to your inner writer that you’d pay attention to our guidelines. We’re asked to remove articles starting coming weekend.

Further reading 📖:

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PS: We are pressed by our reviewers to maintain our standard and to raise yours.