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How does cAInvas work?

  • Bring your dataset or create your own dataset On cAInvas
  • Bring your model or train a new one on cAInvas
  • Validate the accuracy
  • Compile the model into source/library for your target device

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Train your own models or test your custom dataset on a pretrained model.
Never lose a file on our platform. Everything related to your work will be stored under your project name.
Create your own notebooks on our powerful platform and share them with the world.
  • Choose a project name.
  • Upload your model from frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, TFLite, PyTorch, ONNX.
  • Select your preferred board and the format you want your model to compile.
  • Compile and download deepSea model.
Upload and record your own custom datasets for your notebooks.
Files can be shared with the help of a link for others to access it.