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How does cAInvas work?

  • Bring your dataset or create your own dataset On cAInvas
  • Bring your model or train a new one on cAInvas
  • Validate the accuracy
  • Compile the model into source/library for your target device

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Train your own models or test your custom dataset on a pretrained model.
Never lose a file on our platform. Everything related to your work will be stored under your project name.

Upload, train and deploy production ready deep learning models from our platform, no code required.

Create your own notebooks on our powerful platform and share them with the world.

Developers can bring their own datasets, develop thier custom deep learning models, compile and deploy those models in their favourite edge device, with cainvas.

  • Choose a project name.
  • Upload your model from frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, TFLite, PyTorch, ONNX.
  • Select your preferred board and the format you want your model to compile.
  • Compile and download deepSea model.
Upload and record your own custom datasets for your notebooks.
Files can be shared with the help of a link for others to access it.