AITS Partner Program

At AITS, we believe that when companies come together, greater outcomes are possible. Therefore, we have created a partner program that enables us to join hands with companies to deliver higher value solutions for the end customer. The AITS Partner Program enables partner members to collaborate and create value-added products and solutions based on AITS and Partner’s tools and services.
AITS Partner

Business Relationship

This program currently offers the following programs between AITS and partner company.

  • Technology Partner: The Partner company offers a complimentary technology combination of which enhances value for both parties.
  • Solution Partner: Combined solution of both parties offer a greater value.
  • Channel Partner: The Partner company offers complimentary products/services and shares mutual channels for a commission.


To join the AITS Partner Program, you must satisfy the following requirements:

Must be engaged in providing services/training for the Semiconductor industry.

Must have service/training offerings for design and modeling of cells/Memories/IP for ASIC/FPGA.

Must not own, sell or promote in any way, a product that competes with AITS’s products.

Must execute AITS’ NDA and License agreement.

Must agree to purchase AITS licenses/services if the tools are to be used for commercial gains.



In addition to increased market presence, the Partner Company gets the following direct benefits:

  • Direct incentives for promoting AITS tools and services,

  • Discounts on AITS tools for commercial use,

  • Easy and early access to the latest AITS tools and technology,

  • Close interaction with AITS development team.

ARM AI Ecosystem Partner

We are excited to be a part of the ARM AI Ecosystem. ARM technology is at the heart of a computing and data revolution. The ARM architecture is the keystone of the world’s largest compute ecosystem.