Industrial IoT

Industry 4.0 is a drive to make factories Smart and predictive maintenance is key element of Industry 4.0 initiative. Using sensors to monitor critical equipment and collect data, and applying Edge AI capabilities we can predict when issues might occur given an equipment. Beside this, are few examples of how Edge AI can be applied in Industry 4.0 with ease using our technology.

Predictive maintenance

Easy to use predictive maintenance solution for remote equipment and machinery.

It requires no cloud, no internet, no electricity, no-software setup, no security. It runs in stealth mode with absolute privacy.


IoT Based Gesture Recognition App

Gestures are mapped to accelerometer and gyroscope values during motion.


Predictive Maintenance Using L.S.T.M.

Predict run-to-failures of an airplane engine in real time with the help of deep learning.


Pump Failure Detection App

With the help of deep learning predicts whether a pump will fail in the next 24 hours.


Glass Quality Assessment App

Assess glass quality based on transparency, heat resistance, stability, thickness, composition.