Smart Aviation

Broad usage of AI/ML can increase speed, efficiency, workload, and safety to enable more complex technology like autonomous vision-based navigation with drones and data ecosystems. Predictive maintenance and air traffic control (ATC) will also be revolutionized by AI/ML, and optimizing these systems will make airline operations more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Forest Fire Detection App

Wildfires are an important phenomenon on a global scale so it is important to detect fire and warn the people in charge.


Road Crack Detection App

Can be attached to drone which will help in identifying cracks in the road thereby allowing to quick maintenance and inspection.


Whale Detection App

This will help drones in identifying whales when they surface.


Finding Jet's R.U.L App

Remaining Useful Life ( RUL) of a jet engine based on run-to-failure data of a fleet of similar jet engines.