• AITS published a paper with NASA scientists on space-weather prediction. Read More …
  • Successfully finished DoD SBIR contract for phase 1.
  •  Delivered a 2 week long paid engagement to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology India on TinyML and IoT.
  • AITS signed UCLA prof. Puneet Gupta as advisor.


  • AITS is featured on WTOB’s Small Business Spotlight. AITS CEO Rohit Sharma in conversation with Josh Schuminsky on 9am, Jan 2.
  • U.S. Air Force ex-Colonel David Willard joins AITS advisory board.
  • U.S. Air Force Awards Small Business Innovation Research Funding to AITS for bringing AI to tiny devices.
  • AITS Team is Excited To Be Part Of Houston Mass Challenge Cohort.
  • AITS is selected in a highly competitive program, Venture Winston Grants, with over 1,200 applications from 22 countries as one of the top 0.5% for finalist consideration.
  • AITS is listed as Innovative Machine Learning Companies by FUTUROLOGY LIFE – a London based media company. Read More
  • AITS won the Deeptech Innovator award at Product10x-Deep-Tech Pitch Competition 2021.
  • AITS team is excited to be part of Wave accelerator’s 2021 TechDiversity Cohort. Read More
  • AITS to showcase booth in DoD AI Symposium. Read More
  • AITS collaborates on AI research with University of Oakland.
  • AITS signs collaborative agreement with EnOcean.
  • AITS signs agreement with largest railroad research division to develop AIoT app to avoid loss of property and life.
  • AITS is selected as part of ARM AI eco systems. Read More
  • AITS signs collaborative agreement with Cadence.
  • AITS collaborates on Arm AI Virtual Tech Talk to demonstrate building AI apps. Read More 
  • AITS deepC chosen as part of ONNX ecosystems. Read More 
  • Foxconn vice chair Dr. Jay Lee joins AITS advisory board.
  • AITS signs collaborative agreement with Renesas.
  • AITS is working with NASA in applying AI in space-weather prediction.
  • AITS part of Microchip AI eco system. Read More


  • Marion Smith join AITS advisory board of directors.
  • AITS won NASA iTech competition. Read More
  • AITS signs collaborative agreement with Qualcomm on AI ecosystems.
  • AITS is now community partner of NVIDIA Corporation.
  • AITS to participate in intel sponsored embedded vision edge devices conference in Santa Clara, California.
  • AITS joins Google cloud partner platform.
  • AITS floats AI Internship program for budding youth.


  • US City mayor asks AITS to provide AI enabled traffic monitoring system for schools.
  • GPU Leader selects AITS to provide Machine Learning application and services.
  • AITS to develop AI-internship program for budding youth.
  • German Survelliance company collaborates with AITS for development of AI applications.
  • US network security company invites AITS to train their workforce on AI.
  • AITS attending Global Innovation and Future Technology Summit (GIFTs).

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